Abortive Legal Costs Scheme

We hope that your sale and/or purchase will proceed smoothly right through to completion. However, we know that sometimes matters can fall through which can be frustrating, stressful and costly.

That's why we offer an abortive legal costs scheme for residential sales and purchases. Our scheme is not automatic and if you think there is not much chance of anything going wrong, then you might not want to take advantage of the scheme. The choice is yours when you first instruct us.

The details of our Abortive Costs Scheme are as follows:

Dean Conveyancing

Abortive Legal Costs Scheme

Whilst we hope that your sale/purchase will go through smoothly, things can always go wrong. If your sale/purchase falls through, you are normally left having to pay legal costs in respect of the lost transaction. Many people consider this unfair and so, we are offering an abortive costs scheme. By paying an additional, non-refundable sum of £70 plus VAT to these offices within 7 days of instructing us to act on your behalf this sum will cover the legal costs of your abortive sale/purchase (up to a maximum of £350) if:

  • Your buyer/seller has a change of mind and withdraws
  • Your buyer/seller loses his related sale/purchase and has to withdraw
  • Your buyer/seller withdraws for any other reason apart from unreasonable delay or unreasonable conduct on your part

Our abortive costs will be calculated mainly by reference to time spent in dealing with the matter. This includes time spent advising you, attending on you and others, dealing with papers, correspondence, telephone calls, travelling and waiting time. At the present time we charge £120.00 per hour for all time spent on the file together with a charge of £12.00 in respect of all routine letters and telephone calls. Please note that these rates do not include VAT.

You have the opportunity of taking advantage of this scheme if you pay the premium to these offices within 7 days of returning initial documentation. After that time the scheme is not available. The scheme relates to Legal Fees, not to Disbursements which we may have paid on your behalf and for which we must be reimbursed.


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