Buying a Property

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Buying a property is an exciting time and the biggest purchase most of us will ever make. Whilst some property purchases go like a dream, others encounter challenges along the way.

So it's good to have experts in your corner, experienced legal specialists who understand the highs and the lows - but above all can navigate you through - up to the day you take ownership.

Rest assured that's what you'll get with Dean Conveyancing. Contact us or call us now to discuss your needs, or if you're after more information on buying property - our step by step buyers guide is a useful introduction...

Dean Conveyancing

Buyer's Guide to the Conveyancing Process

  1. Apply for your Mortgage (if required).

    Your offer to buy a new home has been accepted: What do you do & what happens next?

  2. Appoint Dean Conveyancing to act on your behalf.

  3. We receive a draft contract, plan and information about the property and examine these and raise any necessary enquiries with the Seller’s solicitors.

  4. We carry out the relevant searches against the property.

  5. Once we have received satisfactory replies to our enquiries, results of searches and mortgage instructions (if applicable) we will report to you about the property, search results and your mortgage. This will either be by way of a written report on purchase or we may ask you to attend these offices. Signing Documents – we may need to see you if you are taking a mortgage to assist with your purchase.

  6. We will ask you to let us have a 10% deposit for the purchase of your new home or lesser amount if agreed with your seller’s conveyancer. (If you have a related sale we will use the deposit received from your buyers).

  8. We exchange your signed contract with the Seller’s conveyancer and it is at this stage that you will be legally committed to buying the property on the agreed completion date.

  9. We carry out further searches against the property.

  10. We will ask you to settle our account five working days prior to completion.


  11. Your lender transfers the mortgage advance (if you are having a mortgage) to us and we then transfer the balance of the purchase price to the seller’s conveyancer. The property will belong to you once payment is received by the seller’s conveyancer. You can then collect the keys from the Estate Agents.


If our guide is not enough for you check our FAQs or contact us to request a bespoke quote. We're always happy to help with any queries you may have.

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