Other Services

In addition to our regular buying and selling conveyancing services, we offer a wide range of additional conveyancing services for specific needs.

Auction Sales and Purchases

We offer comprehensive auction legal packs for sellers.  We can assess and provide advice regarding auction legal packs to prospective purchasers before attending auction.

Commercial Lease/Assignments

We have the expertise and experience acting for both landlord and tenants in all aspects of commercial property leases. This is an area where it is always worth taking knowledgeable legal advice – leases for commercial property are often relatively complex and it is important that you fully understand the implications and obligations, in order to avoid costly mistakes.

Commissioner of Oaths

Certain documents need to be sworn before a qualified legal person known as a Commissioner of Oaths. We can provide these services for you.
You may be required to swear an affidavit, or statutory declaration which is a sworn statement of evidence made before a commissioner of oaths or a solicitor.

Council House Right to Buy

If you are a Housing Association tenant, under the Right to Buy scheme, you can purchase your home at a lower price than the full market value. The length of your tenancy at the property to date may entitle you to a discount.

This can be a complicated process and there is no substitute for professional conveyancing advice. With wide-ranging expertise within Right to Buy transactions, Dean Conveyancing is an ideal choice.

We provide a complete conveyancing service for council tenants choosing to exercise their Right to Buy, where quality is paramount as is client care and value for money.
If you are thinking about buying your Council home, please contact us for further information and advice.

Deeds and Documents Storage

We store deeds and other property related documents in safe custody for our clients, if required. We do not make a storage charge.


Sometimes we find that the legal title to a property is defective if certain rights are not contained in the title deeds.

In many cases these rights are a necessity, such as the right to use drainage that runs through a neighbour’s property, or perhaps the right to use an access road to reach the property.

We can deal with all issues related to the granting of rights from the initial drafting of the documents to the final updating of the legal title to the property with the Land Registry.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Residential Tenancy Agreements

We provide comprehensive advice on all forms of residential tenancy agreements, acting for both landlords and tenants. 

We are happy to speak to both landlords and tenants who may wish to have a tenancy agreement drawn up or discuss an existing agreement.

We also assist landlords in obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate and can offer advice regarding tenancy deposit protection.

Restrictive Covenants

The law in respect of restrictive covenants can be complex and confusing. Restrictive Covenants are often imposed by a seller on the land being sold to prevent the buyer from using it in a way which the seller feels could cause harm to land which the seller has retained. Dean Conveyancing can advise you whether you have the benefit of a Restrictive Covenant or if you are subject to the burden of such a Restrictive Covenant.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Shared Ownership

The Shared Ownership Scheme is a scheme that enables buyers to get on the first rung of the property ladder.   We are experienced in dealing with shared ownership properties, whether you wish to buy or sell a shared ownership property or buy a further share of a shared ownership property that you already own.

Title Problems/Rectification

We can assist and advise you on any problems you may have with the title to your property with a view to rectifying any defects.

SMS Text Messaging (coming soon)

Through the Track-A-Matter system you are able to receive email and SMS text messaging updates to let you know when certain stages of the conveyancing process have been completed.

Track-a-Matter (coming soon)

24 hour a day updated information available to you and your estate agent. By entering your reference number and password, the Track-a-Matter system allows you to keep up to date with your file at any time via the internet.  The system is updated frequently when key stages of the conveyancing process have been reached. There is also a facility to communicate with us via the message centre, as well as receiving email and SMS Text Messaging Updates. 
This enables you to have up to the minute information on your file 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Transfer of Equity/Gifts

A transfer of equity means a change in the legal ownership of a property without necessarily a sale of the property itself.  The equity refers to the value of the property after repayment of any loan. Transfer of Equity often happens when two people decide to live together in a home already belonging to one of the couple. Sometimes transfers of equity are for other reasons such as tax planning or marital break up.
We are experienced in handling the various situations in which transfers of equity can occur.

Voluntary Registration

At Dean Conveyancing we feel that part of our professional advice to clients should be that, when it comes to protecting what is for the majority of us our most valuable asset, having the legal title to the property registered at the Land Registry is very important.

The Land Registry currently offers 25% discount on voluntary first-time registrations, and their fee is based on the value of your land.

Contact us for help with registering your land. Even you do not have your deeds, or think you may have difficulty proving your title, we can help.

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