Whatever your reason for remortgaging, we're here to help. Whether refinancing, consolidating debt, or just freeing up some capital so you can enjoy life more - if you need conveyancing services, we're here for that.

We'll work to make sure all the necessary legal i's are dotted and t's are crossed, and your lender has all the information they need.

Dean Conveyancing

Guide to Remortgaging

You are re-mortgaging your property. What do you do & what happens next?

  1. Consider whether your current mortgage has an Early Redemption Penalty and seek financial advice to be sure that you get the best deal on your new mortgage.

  2. Appoint Dean Conveyancing to act on your behalf. We will write to your present lender and ask them for a Mortgage Redemption Statement and your Title Deeds.

  3. Upon receipt of your deeds, we examine the title and carry out the relevant searches against the property.

  4. In the meantime, your application for a new mortgage should be well advanced. Your lender will ask you to supply employment references, evidence of your identity and income. We do not normally get involved with this process.

  5. As soon as your mortgage application is accepted a Mortgage Offer will be issued. Your lender will send us instructions at this time.

  6. By this time we should be in receipt of evidence of title to the property and results of searches. We will let you and your lender know if there are any problems with your title or the search results.

  7. We will ask you to sign the Mortgage Deed.

  8. A completion date is arranged for the earliest possible date. We request an up to date redemption statement from your current lender calculated to the date of completion.

  9. As soon as we receive the money from your new lender we will pay the amount owning to your existing lender to pay off the mortgage & collect our legal fees and disbursements. We will forward any balance due to you on the day of completion. We can make payment by cheque or directly into your bank account. If you choose the latter, please note that a bank admin fee is applicable.

  10. We then have to send the mortgage deed to the Land Registry so that their records can be updated. They will issue an up to date Title Information Document, which we then send on to your new lender.


If our guide is not enough for you check our FAQs or contact us to request a bespoke quote. We're always happy to help with any queries you may have.

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