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Selling your property can be stressful at the best of times. Our friendly and helpful team understand that, so we'll work hard to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

We're not just friendly and supportive though, we're professional too - so you can leave all the legal work associated with your property sale to us safe in the knowledge that it's in the hands of experts.

So you know exactly what to expect, we've put together a Step By Step Seller's Guide. See, we're helpful and supportive, even before you've talked to us.

Dean Conveyancing

Sellers Guide to the Conveyancing Process

  1. If you have not already done so, you will be required to commission an Energy Performance Certificate before being able to place your property on the market.

    You then find a buyer for your property - what do you do & what happens next?

  2. Appoint Dean Conveyancing to act on your behalf. We may need the deeds to your property and if you have a mortgage we will ask you for details of your mortgage account number. We will also ask you to supply us with information about yourself, proof of identity and current address. You will be required to complete a Fixtures & Fittings List and a Property Information Form and return these forms to us.

  3. We prepare a draft contract and send it to your buyer’s conveyancer. We will let you know of any particular problems or enquiries that your buyer’s conveyancer may raise. We may need your assistance in dealing with replies to those enquiries.

  4. We will ask you to sign the contract either by attending at our offices or this can also be done by post.

  6. We exchange your signed contract with the buyer’s conveyancer and at this stage you will be legally committed to sell on the completion date agreed.

  7. We will ask you to sign the Transfer deed. This document transfers the property from you to the new owner.

  8. You should now:
    • Arrange for gas and electricity meters to be read on the day of completion
    • Have the telephone numbers etc transferred on completion day
    • Deal with council tax, water rates etc
    • Inform us where you will be depositing the keys on the day of completion. You can either leave the keys with the Estate Agents or give the keys to the purchaser(s) direct only when we have confirmed receipt of sale monies.
    • Provide us with details of your forwarding address if you do not have a related purchase
    We will:
    • Inform all parties of the exchange of contract
    • Reply to standard pre completion enquiries
    • Obtain a redemption statement from your lender (if applicable)


  9. The buyer’s conveyancer transfers the full amount due to complete and you must give vacant possession of the property on the agreed day, leaving your keys at the Estate Agents.

  10. We will pay the Estate Agent’s Commission Account and pay off any existing mortgage on your behalf.

  11. A cheque representing the balance of the sale proceeds will be forwarded to you on the day of completion unless you instruct us otherwise.


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